Friday, 19 May 2017

Torn Tag Technique for Lindy's

Hello Lindy's Tribe!! It's Kerry here with you today.  Here in Australia winter is definitely upon us, it has been freezing so I thought I would try and remind myself of the warmth of spring you guys in the Northern Hemisphere must be feeling by using a super bright and colorful palette today for this fun technique.  Lets get started!
I took a sheet of 300gsm smooth white cardstock and tore down each side to give me a long strip.

torn tag 1
Next, I have selected a bright array of colors making sure that the colors 'play' nicely together (if you choose a color that is next to your selected color on the color wheel, they will always work well together).  My color selections are Caribbean Blue, Luscious Lime, Pineapple Paradise, Hag's Wart Orange and Hibiscus Rose. 
torn tag 2 

After applying my sprays I have dried the paper strip off thoroughly. I then splashed some water droplets onto the card and let it sit for a few seconds before lifting off with a paper towel and again, drying with the heat tool.

torn tag 3 

I added a few gold splashes in 'wake me up before you go gold', dried again and then cut the strip in half long ways.

torn tag 4 

I then cut each of the long strips into 4 pieces.

torn tag 5 

Using a separate piece of card as a base, I start to 'build' my tag from the bottom up layering each of the small torn pieces on top of the one underneath.

torn tag 6

Using a paper trimmer I have evened up the sides of my tag and using scissors I have trimmed the corners from the top of the tag.

torn tag 7 

Using Black Archival ink I have stamped some background stamps onto my card front for interest.

torn tag 8 

I have added some 3D mounting tape under my tag to help it 'pop' up from the background.

torn tag 9 

To finish off, I have used some chipboard embellishments and bling. Ahhh... so bright and warm looking.  I miss summer...LOL.  As always there is a a full list of supplies and a link to the video at the bottom of this post :) 

torn tag 13

Other Products: White 300gsm smooth card, Black Archival Ink, 3D foam tape, Harlequin and text stamps, Whichcraft Chipboard, Bling, Black cardstock

torn tag 14torn tag 10

Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day x