Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I'm Baaack... with Lindy's for 2018 :)

YAY!  I am so thrilled to be chosen to be part of Lindy’s Stamp Gang Design Team again this year.  I stand alongside 19 super creatives to form this years MASSIVE team of 20 to help you get those creative juices flowing! This year I will be participating as a PHOTO Designer, but you will still get to see the odd video from me here and there :)

I hope to inspire you and share some ideas with you and maybe show you something you haven't seen before or a different way to use the fabulous Lindy's products.

Now its time to meet my Team Mates for 2018..

Lindy's Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are our CHEER SQUAD you can take a class with any of our amazing Ambassadors, please contact them for details:

Video Design Team

Our Video Designers are our TEACHERS and will be giving you all mini-classes online, one project at a time:

Photo Design Team

Our Photo Designers are our INSPIRATION and they will be showing you how beautiful Lindy's look and inspiring you to create:

Thanks for dropping by and look forward to sharing a magical 2018 with you all :)

Monday, 18 December 2017

Oh Christmas Trees for Lindys

Hello, it's Kerry with you today.  Before I get on to the creative stuff I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for following me along on this journey in 2017, I have truly loved being part of this amazing Design Team.  Special Thanks to Tracey, the owner of Lindy's for having faith in me to help promote the Lindy's brand and providing me with the best sprays and embossing powder and of course the wonderful magicals that color my projects! To Kate, our DT coordinator and legend for making it so easy and to all my team mates for the many, many inspiring project shares over the past year.  I cant wait to see what 2018 has instore for us all :)
NOW..... on with the show and tell... For my tag I have started with a piece of Yupo paper, I just wanted to play and see how the sprays reacted on the paper.  I applied a generous amount of water to the paper and added a few tiny splashes of Carribean Blue and Tweedle Dee Denim sprays and let them blend on the paper and dry off,  I wanted a 'sky' so I didn't want my colors to be too dark.


Next I took some Whichcraft chipboard Christmas trees and coated them in a mix of Midnight Teal, Midnight Emerald and Tannenbaum Green Gold embossing powder and melted with the heat tool, once melted I have sprayed the trees with Grab a Guy Gold spray, then used the heat tool to melt the spray into the embossing powder.


I love this technique, it gives some really great texture!


To Assemble my tag I have cut some 'hills' from card and then layered my trees between the hills with some 3D foam tape and finished off with some snowflake stickers.


Lindy's products used: Carribean Blue  Tweedle Dee Denim Midnight Teal, Midnight Emerald,Tannenbaum Green Gold , Grab a Guy Gold spray


Thanks for dropping by and I wish you all a magical holiday season and a safe and Happy New Year! x

Friday, 15 December 2017

Festive tag trio

Hello Lindy's tribe, its Kerry with you today. OMGosh!! Can you believe it almost Christmas already?  Where has the year gone? If you love the traditional red, green and gold or you prefer the blue and silver tones at Christmas then Lindy's December color challenge palette has all the bases covered. I couldn't decide, so I made both...LOL. These were so simple you could bang out a tonne of these for all your gifts in next to no time.
To start, use a tag shaped stamp and stamp as many tags as you would like to have, use a waterproof ink as we will be using alot of water. I have stamped onto a 300gsm white cardstock using black archival ink.


Once you have your stamped tag, spritz plenty of water onto the cardstock and add a small spritz of the TiffanyLou Blue Spray and let the color swirl with the water making sure to leave a little white showing.  Dry the tag until almost dry then add a few splashes of the Brushed Nickel spray with the straw from the spray bottle and then dry thoroughly.   Thats it!! I have adorned my tag with some snowflake sequins, a sticker and a smattering of microbeads, easy as!


For my red tag, I have used the same method to apply the color. Spray the water generously, add the Poinsettia Red Gold and dry off till almost dry, (this spray has a gorgeous gold shimmer, but its incredibly difficult to capture on a photo, but it is AWESOME!!). Add some splashes of the Medieval Gold Glitz and dry off completely. This time I added a few flowers and a cute stocking sticker to finish.


The Green tag is also done using the same technique, this time adding Ponderosa Pines Olive to the tag and splashing with Medieval Gold Glitz and finishing off with a pretty bauble sticker.


All done!  These make a great addition to a gift or you could add them to a card base to make a lovely handmade card.
Lindys Products used: Medieval Gold Glitz Ponderosa Pines Olive Poinsettia Red Gold TiffanyLou Blue Brushed Nickel
Other Products: Carabelle tag stamp, Black archival Ink, water, assorted stickers, flowers and sequins, ribbon and fibres.

Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day

Thursday, 14 December 2017

DIY Magical Markers

HELLO!!! Its Kerry with you today! I love my Lindy's products so much I use them in almost every project I make.  Sometimes I use my Lindy's with a brush, like a watercolor paint, so I thought why not make myself a set of 'Magical Markers'.  These little beauties are perfect for adding your favorite Lindy's colors to your projects in a more controlled fashion!  I will show you how you can make your own 'Magical Markers' using any of the Lindy's Sprays, original Magicals and the Magical Shakers.


You will need some empty water brushes, your favorite Lindy's Magicals or Sprays, a pipette, a small scoop and a plastic cup and some pre boiled water.


I have used 3 methods to make these 'magical markers'.
Method 1:
Using a small scoop, add a small amount of the magical powder to the canister or reservoir of the water brush, remember you only need a tiny amount of powder.  Then use the pipette to fill up the canister with the pre boiled water, screw on the brush top and you are done!
Method 2:
Add a small amount of magical powder to a plastic cup, add some of the pre boiled water to the cup and mix the powder till dissolved, Using the pipette, add the color to your water brush canister, screw on the brush top and voila!
Method 3:
Take a Lindy's spray bottle and swirl to ensure your color is mixed properly and unscrew the top, use the pipette to draw up some of the color and deposit it into the canister of the water brush, re attach the brush top and there we have a 'Magical Marker'!


Simple and versatile. You can make just a few, or make them in every color.


You could also experiment and mix up some of your own custom colors!!! Now that would be Magical!


You can follow along with the step by step video below for a more detailed look at the process.

Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day x

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Shine Brightly

Hello! Today we are making a tag using some of the fabulous Lindy's sprays from 2 of the ranges. Flat Fabios,  and Starburst.  For those of you that haven't had a chance to experience these different products, here is a super quick explanation.
  • Flat Fabios are just pure color - No shimmer
  • Starburst have both a color and shimmer
Now lets get started :) Using Caribbean Blue and Time Travel Teal sprays, cover the cardstock, dry this off a little, but not completely.


Whilst still damp, add some splashes of Bayou Boogie Gold and then dry off.


Once dry, add some graphite texture paste through a stencil and sprinkle Bratwurst Brown Embossing Powder on top of the paste and heat set.


Now our background is complete, cut the corners into a tag shape and then we can add our elements.  I have chosen some steampunk elements and some netting and fibres.


I just love the metallic effect of the embossing powder ontop of the texture paste!


All the products are listed below along with a step by step video :)


Lindys Products - Caribbean Blue Spray, Time Travel Teal Spray, Bayou Boogie Gold Spray, Bratwurst Brown Embossing Powder

Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day :)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Quick and Easy ATC's

Hello!  It's Kerry here with you today.  Do you ever feel the need to create but you only have a few minutes to spare?  Today's project is perfect for those times.  I have used the fabulous Lindy's sprays in both starburst (color and shimmer) and Flat Fabio (color only, no shimmer).  These products are quite different but equally awesome so lets get started!
To start, pick 2 colors for each of your ATC's.  (It's best to select colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, as these will 'play nicely together'). Today I have chosen Shabby Turbine Teal and Delphinium Turquoise from the starburst range and Mango Mania and Raspberry Lemonade from the Flat Fabio collection.  Spray the lighter of the 2 colors onto the ATC first, then add a few splashes of the darker color.  Dry the ATC's and add a few splashes of white ink and dry off again.

Quick atc 1

Select some stamps to add interest to the background, these can be anything you like.  You can really see the difference between the Starburst and Flat Fabio colors here, look at all that shimmer on the green/blue ATC!

Quick atc 2

To finish off, add a focal element like a butterfly and a word sticker. Ink around the edge and add a couple of drops of enamel and that's it!!! Super quick and easy.

Quick atc 3

You can find a product list below...

Quick atc 4

...and a link to the process video.

Quick atc 5

Lindy's Products: Shabby Turbine Teal, Delphinium Turquoise, Mango Mania and Raspberry Lemonade
Other products: Stamps, Archival Ink, Enamel Accents, Stickers, White ink