Thursday, 19 July 2018

Tranquility - A Journal Page for Lindy's

Hello Lovely's. I have a journal page to share with you today. I had such a lovely time just playing in my journal, with no plan or idea what I was going to create, it was so peaceful and enjoyable and this 'tranquil' page is what I ended up with. I used just 3 of the fabulous Lindy's Starburst Sprays to add all this color to my page.


To begin, I spritzed some water on my pages. I lightly sprayed the Bling-y Blonde and Pretty in Pink Pink sprays and then added more water and moved the page around to blend the colors a little. I mopped up some of the water with a paper towel and then added a few splashes of each color to intensify the color in some spots and dried off with a heat tool.


I added a little random text stamping using black archival ink.2

Next, using a paint brush, I applied some gesso to help soften the background.


I selected a couple of washi tapes with similar colors to add to my page, this gave me some additional texture and makes the background more interesting to look at. I added a little more gesso over the tape with a palette knife to give the page a more cohesive look and dried off thoroughly.


Using archival ink and some stamps, I have added a border and some circles.


I added my embellishments, a gorgeous lotus die cut and some dew drops. Some gesso was applied to the circles to help them pop up from the background. Using the Shabby turbine teal spray a few light splashes were added to the page above the lotus.  I applied some shading to the underside of the lotus with a black stabilo all pencil and then using the Shabby Turbine Teal spray and a paint brush, I painted the 'water' for the lotus to sit on.


A 'Whichcraft' chipboard title, some black archival ink around the edges and a few black splatters finished the page off.


Lindy's Products: Shabby turbine teal, Bling-y Blonde and Pretty in Pink Pink sprays.
Other Products: Die Cut lotus, Whichcraft chipboard, archival ink, gesso, acrylic dew drops, stabilo all pencil, stamps
Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day! xx

Thursday, 5 July 2018

'Magical' Door Knocker

Hello Lindy's Tribe! Have you ever wished you could walk through a magic door into a fantasy world where washing dishes and doing laundry are done with the snap of your fingers?  Me too, so I thought if I created a 'Magical' Door Knocker, all I would need to do it find the right door to knock on.... right? The key.... (pun totally intended) to the 'Magical' Door Knocker is, of course, MAGICALS!!!!

To begin, I found an interesting piece of old wood in the garden and gave it 3 good coats of gesso and let it dry thoroughly.
Next you will need to choose your magicals, I have used Magical Shakers but you can use the original Magicals too!
Using a small palette, pop a small amount of the magical powder into one of the wells, remember they are potent and you only need a small amount! On the craft mat, I have a small amount of matt gel medium and water. I use both the water and the gel medium to activate my magicals and apply randomly to the wood in washes, I start with a light hand and build up the color and allow the colors to meet and blend to create a new color.
I have used Time Travel Teal, Autumn Maple Crimson, California Poppy and Magnolia Magenta Gold Magical Shakers.
You can see that by allowing the colors to blend you create additional colors.
Once dry, use a little metallic gilding paste to bring out the texture.
Finally, add your Knocker and embellish with some microbeads
So many beautiful color variations from just a few little pots of magical powder...
...magicals really are... well, ... Magical!
Now all I need is to find the door that my Magical Door Knocker will open.... ;)
Lindy's Products: Time Travel Teal, Autumn Maple Crimson, California Poppy and Magnolia Magenta Gold Magical Shakers.
Other Products: Gesso, matt gel medium, gilding paste, metal knocker and microbeads.
Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Shine like the whole universe is yours - for Lindy's

Hello Lindy's fans! It's Kerry with you. I have a journal page for you today, but you could adapt it to be a card, tag or even a scrap layout. I have been playing with the AWESOME Magical Shakers!


To start, I have added some Distress micro glaze through a stencil to some un-primed canvas stickers, this will give me a bit of a variance in color, it wont resist entirely as the canvas isn't primed, so the color can seep in from the sides.


Make up some 'watercolor's' in a palette using the Autumn Maple Crimson and Cowabunga Copper Magical Shakers and apply generously to the stickers, then use a paper towel to absorb the color back up by pressing on the sticker.


On a piece of watercolor paper, add a heavy misting of water and then let the Guten Tag Teal and Grab a Guy Gold shakers mix on the surface, dry off and then add some splashes of the same colors.


Add some modelling paste through a Whichcraft stencil.


To complete the project add some circle stamps using black archival ink and a scribbly border to the edge. Add some black and white details to the canvas stickers and adhere them with 3D foam for added dimension.  A quote sticker and some bling finishes it off :)


Lindys Products: Guten Tag Teal, Grab a Guy Gold, Autumn Maple Crimson and Cowabunga Copper Magical Shakers.
Other Products: Canvas stickers, archival ink, watercolor paper, stamps, sticker, bling, 3D foam, modelling paste, Whichcraft stencil

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

PaperClay play

Hello! Its Kerry with you today. Some of you might remember a picture I shared at the end of last year showing a bunch of paper clay embellishments, well bust out the Paper Clay and your Magicals, today we will make some together that you can add to almost any project.

To begin, take a small amount of paper clay and add a small amount of any of your favorite magical powders, you can use either the Magical shakers or the Original Magicals.


Fold the clay over itself to contain the powder inside the clay and begin to knead, you will see the color start to appear through the clay. You can leave it like this for some cool marbled effects or...


...continue to knead until the color is blended through.


I have selected a couple of silicone molds and dusted them with a little cornflour (this will help with releasing the clay from the mold). Press the clay into the mold. Gently manipulate the mold to pop out the clay piece.


You can even stamp onto your colored clay. Color the clay as above and then flatten out your clay, I popped my clay between 2 pieces of bake paper and pressed down with a book. Select some stamps and archival ink and stamp carefully onto the still soft clay.


Once your clay is dry you will have some beautiful embellishments to add to your future projects :)



Lindys Products: Magical Shakers, Magicals
Other products: Paper clay, Archival Ink, stamps

Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx

Thursday, 19 April 2018

What a team, Lindy's and Stencil Girl!!!!

Hello creative people! Welcome to my blog for those of you who are new, and thanks for taking a peek.  I have had so much fun playing with the Stencil Girl Stencils and of course, my favorite Lindy's products! 

I played and played and ended up with so many beautiful pages so I decided to make a journal!  I have used heaps of Lindy's products for this project, I just kept grabbing my sprays and magicals, and making page after page after page, but you can use as little as 2 colors if you prefer. 

 To start, grab your gelli plate, some white gesso, your favorite Lindy's sprays and magicals and some of the awesome Stencil Girl stencils. Today I am using Magical Shakers, Flat Fabio Sprays and Border Circles stencil, Circle 9 Stencil.

To begin printing, add some gesso to the gelli plate and then add your color, either spray or magical ...or both :)

Use a brayer to roll out the gesso and cover the gelli plate in a thin even layer.

Cover the  plate with a piece of paper and smooth over the plate with your hands, for this project I have used regular 80gsm printer paper, and then carefully remove the paper from the plate, this will give you a solid background color on your paper.

You can even mist the plate with Lindy's sprays and then apply the paper directly over the misted surface, pull the print and have another background paper ready to go.

Use the gesso and a magical shaker on the plate to get a more varied color.

Once we have some background colors on our pages...
...its time to bring in our stencils, You can add the stencil directly over the top of the prepared gelli plate. Place a sheet of paper ontop of the stencil and smooth over the paper with your hands. Pull up the paper to reveal the pattern left from the huh?!!

For me, this process went on for a few hours, adding color, pulling a print, adding a stencil, pulling a print, more color, add a stencil, remove a stencil and on and on I played, it was wonderful!!! By the time I had finished I had a huge stack of lovely printed papers, and so many to choose from.  I couldn't pick just one so...

...I decided to make a journal.

I selected some of the papers and folded them in half and glued them to a piece of chipboard using a glue stick so that the paper covered both sides of the chipboard

I trimmed the 'pages' down making sure I didn't cut the side that had the paper folded over the edge.

Then apply some texture paste through the stencil on some of the pages.

Add some stamping with Archival ink for added interest.

Add some black paint to the edges of the pages and bind them all together into a book. I have used a binding machine, but you could use a hole punch and add some rings instead. Here are just a few of the pages inside the bound journal.

I love how using the same stencil still gives a varied look to each page but they all go really well together.

For the cover I have added some washi tape, joint tape, Whichcraft chipboard, a chipboard sentiment and some hearts that I stamped and cut from one of the printed pages and a few splashes of white ink.
I had sooooo much fun making this project, I cant wait to print some more pages and make another one! 

Lindy's Products: Magical Shakers, Flat Fabio Sprays
Stencil Girl Products: Border Circles stencil, Circle 9 Stencil.
Other Products:  Gesso, Gelli plate, printer paper, washi tape, joint tape, Whichcraft chipboard, a chipboard sentiment, Black paint, Archival ink, stamps, chipboard sheets, binding spine, white ink, glue stick.

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