Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Not all who wander are lost for Lindy's

Hello! Its Kerry with you today with an art journal page.  Using some of the NEW and totally AMAZING Squirts - did I mention they are AMAZING?? I have also used some flat fabio Sprays. Lets get started!


To begin, spritz a piece of watercolor paper liberally with water, then spray Summer Lovin' Sun and Tears on my pillow tangerine randomly on the card and let the colors mingle and then dry off.


Take another piece of watercolor paper and the Banff Blue squirts. Squeeze a small amount of the color onto an acrylic block and then using a lid from one of the sprays and the empty roll from inside a roll of tape 'stamp' some circles onto the paper. The squirts are super intense and you only need a small amount.


Repeat the process with the Loonie Toonie Teal squirts and then spritz the 'stamped' images with water and allow the color to bleed out, and then dry off.


Using a stencil and some black Archival ink, add some additional marks to the background and set aside.


Take the original piece of colored watercolor paper and add some stamping for interest.


Take some circle punches and punch out some circles from the paper in random sizes and ink around the edges to give the circles a defined edge.


Arrange the circles on the page as you like them and then add a focal point, I have chosen a Tim Holtz paper doll but any image can be used as a focal point on a page like this.


Before adhering the circles I have added a few circle stamps to the background.


To finish off, adhere the circles to the background, Pop a small piece of cheesecloth underneath the main focal point add a quote and some white splashes of ink. Use a fine liner to add a scribbly border and mount onto some black card, all done!!


Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Vintage mini 'Junk Journal' for Lindy's

Hello Lindy's fans!! It's Kerry with you today. I have always loved Vintage style and mini books and journals are also on my 'favorites' list, so today's project features both of those things rolled in to one super cute project. If vintage isn't your thing, you can still make this little book in any style you like. Grab some of your favorite Lindy's sprays or magicals, today I am using Cape Coral Cod, Steampunk Sepia and Sandra Dee Sepia and a couple of sheets of standard copy paper, and lets get started.


 To begin, grab a sheet of regular copy paper, spritz with water and then add your color. I have sprayed Cape Coral Cod and Steampunk Sepia to give me a lovely vintage background. Lay a second sheet of dampened copy paper over the top, let it sit for a moment to transfer some of the gorgeous spray, then gently separate the two pages and dry off. Repeat this method on the back side of the paper, so you have color to both sides of the sheet.

Lindys 1 
Once you have your sheet colored on both sides and dry, you will need to fold the sheet into 8 even panels as shown below. Then take a craft knife and cut along the crease right in the middle of the page. Fold the page in half again with the cut section facing upward, when you push the ends of the paper toward each other, you should see a cross or 'x' shape. Push all the pages around in the same direction to create a mini book.

Lindys 2 

You should end up with something like this...

Lindys 3

 Our book now has four pages, each page is actually made up of two pages, these will make our pockets. Two pages will be open on the sides, they will be our side loading pockets so we need to place a small piece of double sided tape along the bottom edge. The other two pages will be our top loading pockets, so we need to seal the bottom edge in the same fashion. I know it sounds a bit tricky but it will make sense when you see it in your hand....

Lindys 4 
 PHEW all the hard parts are done now.... time for the fun part. Using a stamp add some interest to the background of each of your pages and ink around the edge of each page.

Lindys 5 
Take some scrappy bits of lace, cheesecloth, ribbon or fabric and pop them in a small cello bag and add a few sprays of the colors you have used in the background. I have also added a small amount of Sandra Dee Sepia spray to give me a little more depth. I love how the different fabrics all take on the color a little differently, such great variation from the same beautiful colors. Dry off your textile pieces and set aside.

Lindys 6 
 For additional texture, I have sprayed some texture tape with Cape Coral Cod and Sandra Dee Sepia. For our inserts, take the second piece of copy paper and trim four pieces. These will need to be a little smaller than each book page to be able to fit into the pocket. I have backed mine on to some left over card and packaging to make them a little more sturdy. 

Lindys 7 
 Using the same method from above, apply some background stamping and ink around the edge of each page, pop a small piece of cheesecloth under each tab and a sentiment or another simple element to finish off.

Lindys 8
Decorate the front cover by layering some of our colored fabric, add some chipboard or a die cut and a small image for a focal point.

Lindys 10

 Add a similar cluster on each page to decorate the book.

Lindys 11 

Lindys 12

Lindys 13

And there we go, such a cute little book, complete with pockets and inserts :)

Lindys 9

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Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Butterfly Canvas for Lindy's Gang

Hello Lindy's Gang! Happy New Year to you all! Today I am sharing a Butterfly canvas using Lindy's fabulous Magical Shakers to create my background and some gorgeous embossing powder to give my chipboard a lovely textured shimmery finish. Lets get started!


To start, apply some texture paste horizontally and vertically to the canvas, I have left the upper left space empty as this is where my focal point will be and then added the paste more sparingly toward the edges.

Before allowing the paste to dry,  add some chipboard to the canvas using a matte gel medium and then leave to dry.


Using archival ink and stamps,  add some more interest to the background....


...and then give everything a good coat of white gesso and dry throughly.


Now grab some magical shakers, I wasnt sure which colors I would use, so I grabbed a few...LOL


To begin, mix some Guten Tag Teal and Bavarian Blue with some water in a palette and using a brush add the color to the canvas. I also added some Autumn Maple Crimson which gave me a lovely purple. Allow this to dry completely.


Add some metallic gilding paste to the chipboard in copper and blue....


...I felt my background was a little light, so I added some Time travel Teal for added depth.


Once this is dry,  splash some black ink onto the canvas.


To give the focal point some texture, paint the chipboard with black paint, whilst the paint is still wet, add some Morning Glory Azure embossing powder, when drying with the heat tool, the paint will bubble and give additional texture whilst melting the embossing powder


To finish off, layer with flowers, gems and a few old rusted items. I have used a gorgeous chipboard butterfly pin from my stash as the focal point and a smattering of microbeads for extra detail.


Lindys Products: Guten Tag Teal shalker  Bavarian Blueshaker  Autumn Maple Crimson shaker Morning Glory Azure embossing powder
Other Products: Canvas, Whichcraft Chipboard, Gel medium, texture paste, gesso, flowers, gems, stamps, archival ink
Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day
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Monday, 7 January 2019

Batik Inspired Napkins featuring Lindy's

Hello Lindy's Tribe.  A Happy New Year to you all!! And a happy new obsession for me... Batik! I love it, the patterns, the colors, designs, I just cant get enough. The fabric that comes from Indonesia is AMAZING and has totally inspired today's project. I have to send a big shout out to my Mum, Anne, who showed me this fabulous technique, and I am sure you will love it just as much as me. For this project you will need 3 of your favorite sprays, I have chosen Urban Amethyst, Hydrangea Blue, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green and some purely white embossing powder.


To begin, take your sprays and some plain white single ply napkins.


Leave the napkin folded into quarters and spritz moderately with water on both sides, you may see the napkin warp with the water.


Next, add your sprays to the napkin, if you choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, they will blend nicely to give you additional colors. Blue will work with purple or green so iI have no problems there, however I have been more careful with the green and purple, as these will make brown if they mix.


Spritz the now colored napkin with more water, you can be quite liberal. Place a new napkin ontop of the colored napkin.


Use your hand to help the color seep into the top napkin


Keep gently pressing with your fingers until all of the top napkin is colored too.


After you have absorbed the color into the additional napkins you should now have napkins that look something like this. Take your heat gun and gently dry the napkins, turning the napkin will help dry all the layers.


Once your napkin is reasonably dry... flick large droplets of water back onto the napkin, I know, I know, you just dried it, but this will give some awesome effects, and then dry off again.


Now that our napkin is all dry we can open it up to see the difference in the layers, the bottom left corner in the image below was our top layer that had the sprays directly sprayed onto them, you can see the shimmer sitting on the surface. The bottom right image was the back of the napkin, that had some water drips directly to it. The two top sections of the napkin in the picture have a more ethereal look as these were in the middle of our folded napkin.


Much like tissue paper, the napkin is very thin and fragile. To make it more durable, use a glue stick and apply the glue directly to a piece of cardstock, then lay the napkin over the top to adhere it to the card. You can now use it as a card base or die cut it for example.


These beautiful backgrounds are perfect as they are, but here is a couple of examples of what you can do with them. Take an Art Foamie stamp and add some white paint to the stamp.


Stamp the paint onto the Batik background and then sprinkle Purely White embossing powder onto the wet paint and heat set, this will make the white image nice and bright white and also add a little more texture.


Cut out the stamped image and layer with a heart for a simple card.


For the second card, simply cut a strip of the background and adhere it to one side of the card base, add some stamping, a few splashes and some coordinating flowers. Easy Peasy!


Lindy's Products purely white Urban Amethyst, Hydrangea Blue, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green
Other Products: Art Foamie, acrylic paint, napkins, cardstock, flowers, glue stick
Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx
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