Thursday, 5 July 2018

'Magical' Door Knocker

Hello Lindy's Tribe! Have you ever wished you could walk through a magic door into a fantasy world where washing dishes and doing laundry are done with the snap of your fingers?  Me too, so I thought if I created a 'Magical' Door Knocker, all I would need to do it find the right door to knock on.... right? The key.... (pun totally intended) to the 'Magical' Door Knocker is, of course, MAGICALS!!!!

To begin, I found an interesting piece of old wood in the garden and gave it 3 good coats of gesso and let it dry thoroughly.
Next you will need to choose your magicals, I have used Magical Shakers but you can use the original Magicals too!
Using a small palette, pop a small amount of the magical powder into one of the wells, remember they are potent and you only need a small amount! On the craft mat, I have a small amount of matt gel medium and water. I use both the water and the gel medium to activate my magicals and apply randomly to the wood in washes, I start with a light hand and build up the color and allow the colors to meet and blend to create a new color.
I have used Time Travel Teal, Autumn Maple Crimson, California Poppy and Magnolia Magenta Gold Magical Shakers.
You can see that by allowing the colors to blend you create additional colors.
Once dry, use a little metallic gilding paste to bring out the texture.
Finally, add your Knocker and embellish with some microbeads
So many beautiful color variations from just a few little pots of magical powder...
...magicals really are... well, ... Magical!
Now all I need is to find the door that my Magical Door Knocker will open.... ;)
Lindy's Products: Time Travel Teal, Autumn Maple Crimson, California Poppy and Magnolia Magenta Gold Magical Shakers.
Other Products: Gesso, matt gel medium, gilding paste, metal knocker and microbeads.
Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day xx

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  1. Kerry! This is Brilliant! I absolutely love what you did and I am so inspired by this!
    I am in the process of putting together a fairy type garden and i think one of these magical door knocker handles would be perfect! Thank you for the share! I'll tag you when I make one!
    Jackie xx